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Rocket Station Celebrates Halloween with Wicked Workspaces
October 31, 2021 – Halloween during the second year of the pandemic was a very interesting one with families dressing up to join the spooky season. Rocket Station was no different in joining this year’s bewitching season!
The people have chosen their Rocket Station Olympic Champions!
October 22, 2021 – The Rocket Station Olympics, a 3-month long event for Rocketeers to exercise, be fit, and be part of a community online has finally come to a steady close with Rocketeers and Non-Rocketeers alike gathering to dance, work out, shoot hoops and jump rope as one.
Rocket Station at Year 3: Celebrating Great Milestones
Oct 1, 2021 – The definitive foundation day of the remote process company that promises to enhance lives and deliver better business: Rocket Station.
Rocket Station Moves for Better Mental Health for Remote Workers
May 26, 2021 – Mental Health Awareness Month kicks off at Rocket Station with the launch of the Rocket Station HOPELine. This new addition to Rocket Station caters to the well-being of all Rocketeers by providing them a safe, confidential HOPELine they can contact which will pair them with mental health specialists fully equipped to guide them through tough days. This helps us achieve our goal in creating a safe, and positive workplace for all.
Rocket Station Celebrates Pride Month Through Our Proud Space
June 25, 2021 – In celebration of Pride, Rocket Station conducted its special live stream program, Our Proud Space. The project was created as a platform for members and supporters of the LGBTQ+ community to share their thoughts and experiences. Our Proud Space also highlighted courageous stories and triumphs that have allowed for further inclusivity in the workplace.
Rocket Station is Great Place to Work Certified®
August 10, 2022 – In the rainy months of the pandemic, Rocket Station in all its busyness decided to pivot its attention to a new milestone in determining whether they had positive work culture or not, and lo and behold, there was Great Place to Work Asia.

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