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Great Place to Work
It is again the time of the year to prove that Rocket Station is an Organization that embodies positive work culture through Great Place to Work Asia.
Rocket Station Cares. Enhancing Lives
Aug 8, 2022 – Education is one of the most challenging problems in a country like the Philippines. As our population rises, in addition to the escalating prices, there has been a significant challenge for students to acquire resources such as school supplies and books. We at Rocket Station dedicate our time and effort to being part of the solution.
Headstart Alabang
June 18, 2022 – 133 attendees experienced another fun and productive evening in Crimson Hotel Manila in Alabang as Rocket Station held its 2nd Headstart Leadership Summit for 2022.
Rocket Station Powers Headstart Leadership Summit
March 26, 2022 – Nestled in the friendly Municipality of La Union, Thunderbird Resort has become a temporary home and a legion of an overwhelming amount of talented people inside and outside of Rocket Station.
1500 Rocketeers
May, 2022 – One thousand five hundred and counting. This is not just a number, but the count of lives that made Rocket Station what it is today.
Townhall Quarter 2
March 26, 2022 – Definitely growth is becoming more and more inevitable in Rocket Station.

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