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The 5 underrated soft skills that could make you an indispensable asset

The 5 underrated soft skills that could make you an indispensable asset

Technical know-how has become an important facet for almost every modern day professional. Today we see many young men and women not only acquiring technical knowledge, but also different skill sets that make them more effective in different work functions. 

There have been more emerging jobs thanks to technological advancement. We now have individuals with skills that were once considered new to now being in-demand. So much so, that there is an influx of highly specialized and well-seasoned professionals today. 

With so many well assimilated people, one begs to ask, what would set them apart? The competition is steep, for every master’s degree there are two—neigh, three specialized courses that guarantee that this candidate would be a better fit than the next highly qualified individual to walk through the recruiter’s office. 

Surprisingly, according to LinkedIn, there are 5 traits that pose the biggest skill gaps across the board. That despite the rising numbers of technically skilled and adept people, the skills that are most lacking—and you guessed it, are soft skills. Arguably, soft skills are the most difficult to master because it takes years of development and consistency on the part of the team leader and team member.

Having that in mind, acquiring these skills can set you apart and make you one of the top choices for a job, or a promotion. These five invaluable soft skills that can make a huge difference:


Critical Thinking and problem solving is not just developing a formula to a problem. It is looking at a problem and finding ways to solve it in a way that is creative, effective, and ergonomic for the company. 


Is a skill that is developed through life and can be taught with constant practice. It is simply learning how to pivot and pivot effectively. Adapt smartly, and be flexible in a way that turns setbacks into opportunities, and transforms sudden turnovers into a goal that could potentially be better than the one initially set.


It may come as a surprise, but despite communication being one of the cornerstones of effective teamwork and leadership, a lot of people lack in communicating clearly. Clarity, proper wording and pacing of the conversations to get your message across the first time proves to be an invaluable asset in any industry. 


There are plenty of ways one can be an effective leader. For instance, being an effective leader means possessing the ability to solidify a team of individuals with different skill sets and finding ways to develop them. Another can be making things happen and having people move in ways that will reach an intended goal. Whatever the methods or philosophy it takes to be an effective leader, it may vary per company culture. Therefore, leadership has one of the largest skill gaps. It is not enough that you know how to lead, the real question is, is the way you lead effective for your team?


There is an interesting course that delves in Design Engineering. It is a mix of innovation, creativity and problem solving. In a way it is like describing what’s needed in this skill gap. Creativity isn’t just creating art, it is the process of assimilating problems, solutions and crafting new things in ways that make the process easier and more ergonomic.

Develop yourself with these soft skills and find yourself as one of the indispensable people in a sea of highly qualified individuals. This month, Rocket Station places value in ways we can improve ourselves to be better. Join our newsletter to discover more articles such as this in developing yourself this month. 


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