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Manage Your Time Better with the POSEC Method

Manage Your Time Better with the POSEC Method

Whether it’s trying to level up your career, or wanting to spend more time for yourself and your family, there exists a persistent challenge a lot of people face: time management. Like most issues we face in life, there are simple solutions that are available for us to apply in order to attain a goal. In this case, the magic cure is something we’ve all heard of before: purposeful time management.

While most of us have heard these words repeatedly in our lifetime, not a lot have been able to properly manage their time. This leads to a drop in effectiveness, happiness, and productivity. For remote workers, this can be an even more daunting task as you become responsible for juggling between your responsibilities at home and your job. Thankfully, we now have a well-researched method that can be applied to both one’s personal and professional life.

The POSEC Method is a way to divide your tasks into multiple categories according to importance, and assigning an ample amount of time and effort to each. The word POSEC stands for Prioritizing by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing, and Contributing. The technique is loosely based on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which means that, unlike many other tools, POSEC also considers a person’s personal necessities. For people swamped with work, this becomes a big deal as they get to plan for their own recreation and self-care, making the process an exciting experience. After all, nobody wants to live their life like a robot.

The first thing to do in using the POSEC method is to set different priority levels for the tasks you have at hand. From there, we can organize a plan to tackle the different objectives that occur on a daily basis. Doing so provides a good routine and offers stability that we’ll be needing when new out-of-routine goals are given to us. 

Once we’ve done our organization of daily work activities, we now streamline mundane tasks such as chores into our schedule. Remember that while these activities tend to be less fun, they are a requirement for our daily needs. Fitting them into the schedule now reduces the chances of these small tasks impacting our schedule as a whole. I’m sure that none of us want to suddenly find ourselves with no clean clothes to wear as we’re rushing to an important meeting.

Once we’ve taken our important work activities and our small chores into consideration, we now need to set a certain amount of time for each of them. This is what we call economizing. By having a clear definition of what is important, and what needs less attention, we can distribute our time better. Economizing lets us decide on which things to put significant effort and focus into. Through this method, we may even identify areas where deep work is needed. Additionally, setting deadlines for ourselves gives us the motivation to become more efficient both professionally and personally.

Lastly, we need to make sure that we’re socially active for both the benefit of others and ourselves. Giving time for our contribution to the community through various means including simple forms of love and kindness makes sure we have time to grow as people. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs tells us that these social motivators play a big role in reaching our goals.

Contribution is exactly why the POSEC method is so effective. People are encouraged to consider their personal joys in life. This empowers someone to reach for happiness in their busy schedules. It is a great work-life balance tool that only takes a little bit of time to set up.

Remember, before you engage in the POSEC method, it is best to check your priorities multiple times.  This is due to the fact that we can sometimes give importance to certain things differently in different moments of the day. Once you’re sure of the schedules you have, then congratulations! You have now taken a big step towards a more satisfying lifestyle.

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