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3 main keys to spark growth

3 main keys to spark growth

For most of us, the term “growth” was taught in the manner of photosynthesis. We are taught how plants need nourishment such as water, sunlight, and soil to grow into its full potential. In today’s landscape of mental health awareness, we as adults are poised to realize the growth of the self is like the initial teachings we had as young children.

At work it is no different, when we speak of growth, usually career growth is coupled with the development of one’s character and how else better to develop one’s character than to willingly instigate change and growth.

In the book, Secrets of a Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Ecker, he attributes the level of difficulty one can face to the strength of character one develops.  In one of his wealth principles, he states:

One may ask, how does one instigate growth and change? How can we even begin to take the first crucial steps in that direction? Luckily for you, we have the 3 elements one needs to do to achieve growth.

In the Venn Diagram are three components: Awareness, Acceptance and Willingness to Change. These three important factors are intrinsically necessary to spark growth and self-development in whatever field or industry. You cannot use only two lest you want to experience self-sabotage, little accountability, or no direction.

AWARENESS is first knowing where we are adept and where we are insufficient. Just a straight-forward assessment of what you are good at and what you are not so good at. A cumulative understanding of the good qualities you possess as a person and the poor qualities you possess too. For instance, a dentist may be good at managing people and raking in patients, but he lacks administrative know-how and has little follow-through with patients. The weak spot is the lack of follow-through.  She may be skilled in pooling people in, but she has difficult maintaining the doctor-patient relationship through patient follow-up. Instead of being defensive and beating herself up about it, she veers onto the second component of growth which is: Acceptance.

ACCEPTANCE is being self-aware of all the things you lack and giving yourself permission to acknowledge it without judgement or self-criticism. It is a valuable skill to have not just in your career, but in life.

The third important key is having the WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE. It isn’t enough to be aware and to accept your shortcomings. You need to find ways to act and willingly try to improve whatever you lack. It may come in many forms; a socially awkward introvert can try to strike more conversations with people, a neurotic worrywart teaches himself to worry just the right amount per day, a compulsive shopper can place a budget and stick to that while locking all her credit cards away.

Growth can be seen in many ways, for different people, but it does not veer away from the three keys we have slated today.

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