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Six self-care antidotes to prevent burnout from work

Six self-care antidotes to prevent burnout from work

Burnout is the common term most people use when they have reached a threshold for something that depletes them. Be it at work, at home, or even with daily roles we play as parents, bosses, and the like. Like many hardworking and fully functional adults we wear many hats and need to juggle the demands of work and life.

At Rocket Station, we value placing in the element of fun in almost every endeavor we have at work. While we can all agree that life can be incredibly stressful, this does not mean we can’t add the element of self-care to our regimen to keep the burn out at bay.

Studies have shown that self-care is the quickest most efficient way to prevent burn out from happening. Let us discuss the 6 areas of self-care as fool proof antidotes you can use to prevent burnout. The six areas are professional, physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and personal. Each area has a specific need that caters differently to each individual.

For instance, a VA working tirelessly on night shift might need some physical self-care to release tension and get some well-deserved sleep. A person who had just gone through a major life transition may need to focus on an emotional and spiritual self-care journey. We all go through different circumstances, and it is important to understand that not all areas of self-care works for everyone.

Professional Self-Care is the kind of self-care that nurtures your career in ways that does positive work practices, such as: Celebrating small wins, taking breaks to increase work productivity, and tagging career goals to be inspired.

Physical Self-Care is self-care that nourishes your body. It can come in the form of eating the right food, exercising, getting 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, or simply resting after a long week of non-stop work.

Psychological Self-Care is self-care that puts focus on developing habits that foster good mental health. Such habits can include journaling, tracking your mood, reading self-help books, unplugging from social media, keeping a gratitude journal, or meditating. All these examples are proven to make you 10% happier through the guidance of mental health.

Emotional Self-Care deals with caring for your feelings and inner emotions. It is very similar to psychological self-care but the main difference is in emotional regulation. This kind of self-care helps you understand how you feel about certain topics and teaches you to do more emotional regulation. This proves useful especially at work when grounding techniques are being mastered, and high-stress situations at work come by.

Spiritual Self-Care is self-care that helps you connect to a power greater than yourself. You may call it the Universe, God or anything you prefer. You can channel this by revisiting your core values.

Personal Self-Care finally, is self-care that differs from person to person because it’s the kind of self-care that deals in the development of you. You as a person in whatever way that can nourish you. It can be as simple as treating yourself to one of your favorite restaurants, finding time alone or with friends to recharge or simply unplugging from technology and getting much needed air to breathe.

In the past, Rocket Station has spearheaded projects and events that deal with self-care and empowerment. We place importance in caring for people’s mental health and empowering them to take the first few steps to a healthier and happier version of themselves. If you like catapulting yourself to greater heights through delf-development, leadership, health and wellness and careers, sign up to receive updates from the Rocketeers themselves.


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