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Recreation is Important and Here’s Why

Recreation is Important and Here’s Why

Having fun and enjoying life is what everyone wants. However, when duty calls, we sometimes need to place our hobbies in the background and make sure we finish what is more pressing at the moment. With work sometimes taking a huge chunk of the mental load, it can be difficult to justify a few hours of recreation.

Luckily, with a little bit of unlearning and relearning, we no longer need to justify the urge to place in a few hours of writing a short piece of fiction or finishing our favorite puzzle books, as new information shows that recreation deserves a spot in our busy schedules and here’s why:

Recreation Leads to Socialization

It’s no secret that finding people with the same interests is an absolute joy. Tackling similar topics of conversation makes an environment that’s far more welcoming to new friendships. This brings in a positive effect not only on our social health but even on our professions. Creating new networks of individuals you get along with is a healthy step towards a brighter career. In fact, networking is one of the core skills an aspiring worker needs to have. With that in mind, go and engage in your hobbies and be loud with it! Perhaps you’ll find a new friend that can share in your joy, and even teach you a few new things.

Happiness Boosts Productivity

With more scientific evidence coming out year after year, it’s not a surprise that finding enjoyment can increase a professional’s performance dramatically. Work becomes easier to attend to when you are experiencing mental wellbeing as an offshoot of doing recreational activities. It’s easier to find and maintain focus, and to drive stress and burnout away. Recreational activities can become a good source of important fun and relaxation that we all need to stay positively engaged. Hobbies that provide us entertainment value become anchors that keep us steady despite challenges in the workplace. If you’re finding yourself jumping from thought to thought at your desk, maybe it’s time to pick up a pastime to motivate yourself to push further.

Engaging in Hobbies Improves Physical Health

Many of us find ourselves in the unhealthy position of sitting in front of a computer for several hours. While we can mitigate some of the effects of long hours at our workspaces using standing desks, fidgets, and a few stretches, nothing beats having dedicated time away from your work. Physical hobbies such as exercising and engaging in sports offer a surefire way to keep your body in shape. Activities outside physical work aren’t exempt from having a few key health benefits as well. Simple leisurely pastimes help maintain optimal blood pressure and reduce the chances of other diseases by cutting down the stress we might feel. A healthier body can only mean good things, ranging from less downtime at work, to gaining security with an illness-free future.

Having a Pastime can Sharpen the Mind

Plenty of recreational activities require a significant amount of undivided attention. Chess, reading, writing, and many more interests require critical thinking and analytical abilities. Even a fairly new hobby such as playing video games provides a great cognitive challenge to its players. Constantly being subjected to these mental exercises allow for steady growth in multiple important skills. Aside from the aforementioned skills earlier, problem-solving and quick decision-making are also boosted by engaging in hobbies. Sports and physical exercises are also shown to provide positive effects on the mind. The benefits come naturally as we participate in these pastimes for our own fun.

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