Why community empowerment can push you the right way

When was the last time you felt emboldened by a crowd of people who spoke up against injustice? When was the last time you experienced being part of a movement where people gathered to meet an intended goal? Or maybe you pursued a passion or expertise simply because you saw your peers do it.

Today, we see the impact of community in humongous proportions. One amazing example is the #MeToo movement where women mobilized together and formed a community—neigh, a sisterhood, to challenge perpetrators of harassment and hold them accountable.  

Another example can be seen in the rise of businesses in the Philippines due to stifled job opportunities and scarcity of work during the pandemic. People were emboldened to put up start-ups and become entrepreneurs for the first time because they saw that others were doing it, and as a result, they felt empowered and strengthened to do the same. 

This is how the magic of community works in the Rocketeer’s playbook:

When people around you see you go for something with confidence and vitality, they think to themselves, “maybe I can do it too.” Their proximity to you makes what you do more impactful and real. You can redefine the standard and the expectations set in your network by going for something with grit and courage. 

I know someone who went copywriting with no business background because her peers did it. I know people who capitalize in investing in small time start-ups just because they lived in a city that believed in taking risks. Some people leave their stable jobs because they see their friends living their lives putting up their own businesses.

This is the empowered community effect.

Imagine being part of an amazing community that has this effect on people? Imagine moving with like-minded individuals towards the same goal whilst having the same core values? Communities can affect change, shape optimism, and bring out courage from others. It makes people feel more one with themselves and others and it gets them involved. 

Another aspect of being part of a community is the support you get when things do not go according to plan. You are surrounded by people who understand the journey. They usually see clearly how they can help bring you to solutions. 

Comedian Ali Wong said in one of her skits that when she became a mother for the first time, she needed to join a mommy’s support group to feel connected with people who can help her through the early stages of motherhood. She did this because she understands the power of community. 

So whether you feel like you are already part of a community, or are looking to join something new, here are some tips to find yourself a place where you can build connections.

Go to networking events.

As a social-introvert, I always preferred controlled environments versus large crowds and that helped me find places and communities that were right for me. I wanted to make more friends and develop my artistic interests with people who knew how. So, I joined events that had themes to them such as happenings that delved into strangers meeting and discussing over a deck of question cards. I’d go to book expos and bond over book recommendations. I veer into the worldwide web and find companies such as Rocket Station and try to get into their online forums. Wherever you choose to network, make sure it’s at a time and place where you feel your interests are most acknowledged and put to light. 

Be curious.

Let go of those biases and approach looking for a community as if you were discovering a new place. Listen to what people have to say. Observe the energy in the room. Talk about the things that matter to you and see if they catch on. If bravery is not at your disposal, then use curiosity. It is less frightening and more forgiving, because not everyone has the courage (yet) to go forth and be part of a bigger community, but at least we all can be curious about it. 

Find a community that resonates with you.

Do not settle for less just because you need support. It is crucial that you find people or an organization that you connect with at a level where you can experience growth. 

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