Strengthening Work Relationships while Working Remotely

4 Ways to Build Healthy Work Relationships while Working from Home

May 2022 – Forming healthy relationships in a new workplace is hard. Now try to imagine building relationships in a new workplace while working remotely, it becomes way more challenging. Like all other relationships, a work relationship needs time and effort. But why should we strengthen it in the first place? A relationship is always an asset; it paves the way to a more healthy and satisfying work environment. It can also contribute to improving work satisfaction, and help boost morale and productivity.

Here are 5 ways that could serve as a guide in strengthening work relationships while working remotely:


People that invest in delivering a clear path of communication are an essential way of building trust.The Pandemic has made communication an important tool in sharpening relationships and resolving any conflict. Keeping an open line of communication within the team can maintain a high level of engagement. It also reduces competition that transitions to achieving a common goal. It isn’t limited to 1×1 communication, but it could be a team huddle, performance discussion, establishing daily check-ins, meaningful conversation within the team, coffee table discussion, and even a Virtual meet-up once in a while. Building any communication process can ensure team members keep in touch in maintaining high morale and eventually develop a sense of teamwork. Communication would always create a way for trust, but with the right amount of mindfulness.

Creating Virtual Fun Activities

It has been proven that having fun and “getting off of work while at work” is an effective way of improving the emotional barriers of employees. Managers should lead the way in providing support to employees. Each company has its own Culture and Core Values, which would help set the tone for company activities. Leaders should set an upbeat tone in virtual offices such as creating fun activities, teammates collaboration, team fun assignments, virtual team building, etc. These activities can increase employees’ creativity, reduce conflict, and help Team members better understand one another. If employees are feeling more engaged it stretches a team to work smarter both on fun activities and their job/tasks. It is important that employees are recognized, involved, included, and needed.

Keeping A Positive Attitude

In a fully remote setup, working from home for a long time can contribute to loneliness and negative emotions. It could also decrease the ability of employees to be brave and to try new things. Keeping a positive attitude towards work whether at home or physical workplace can improve life in a variety of ways. Positive thinking can help employees stay motivated and engaged. It impacts the way they appreciate work and their colleagues. To maintain positivity within the team, leaders are expected to provide emotional and steady support. People might think that a positive attitude is demonstrating signs of happiness, or always putting a smile on one’s face, but it is more than that. A positive attitude is an extensive effect beyond surface cheer. Maintaining a positive attitude and positive environment helps reduce stress, boosts productivity, increases resiliency, and enables employees to seize opportunities. These can only be achieved by assessing thought routines, practicing self-care, and expressing gratitude. Keeping a positive attitude can be challenging, but by focusing on the bigger picture and changing things under your control it would eventually result in positive thoughts that “Things can always get better” and it could influence the way of strengthening relationships with colleagues.


The most important factor that contributes to strengthening relationships is consistency. Being consistent on all standards and behaviors can lead to a high quality of relationship and trust. It would allow employees to be more comfortable in approaching each other. It is also important that employees are able to predict, at least to some degree, how their colleagues will respond to situations. Consistency gives order to a team. It helps both employees and leadership achieve objectives. By being consistent in creating a shared objective, it would usher employees to a better and healthy relationship.

Remote work is here to stay. The people that thrive to strengthen relationships are the ones that could make work more meaningful. Building a relationship while on a remote set-up may be difficult and has its disadvantages, but for all its disadvantages, it creates a way for one important advantage; it allows employees to cultivate an important relationship inside the house, Family. But as your colleagues become your second home, learn to motivate trust and let healthy relationships become the company’s language. A relationship is the result of interaction, while interactions are the seeds that help ideas grow.

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