Rocket Station Hosts Their First Rocket Station Awards 2020
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Virtual, Dec 19, 2020 – On this day, Rocket Station held a live event, virtually to honor and pay homage to those Rocketeers that have been a catalyst for change, to those we consider the trailblazers of our company, and to those who are our leaders of tomorrow. This event celebrates our Rocketeers who stand as a beacon of excellence as they launched the company further to new heights. This is Rocket Station’s first Rocket Station Awards.

To recap the activity for the past year of 2020, Director of Philippines Operations Romil Hombrebueno illustrates how Rocket Station’s team members have consistently shown how strong they were even before the Covid-19 outbreak. He explained when the TAAL volcano hit us in January, earlier this year, as a unity and as a team our Rocketeers took the initiative to give back to our community and did what they could to aid in the situation through the TAAL mask distribution.

The year has been challenging for Rocket Station when the pandemic hit earlier this year but we managed to power through it. Here are some additional yet notable and successful events Romil mentions:

Hand Wash challenge

Happyness Project

Rocketeers Got Talent

The Awards opened with CEO, Rob Nickellis congratulatory speech to us Rocketeers ” Kamusta Rocketeers, wow what a year 2020 has been! When asked to describe the last several months most people use words like chaos, disruption, fear but when I think about 2020, when I look back at the last several months there’s really only one word, one emotion that I feel and that is immense PRIDE! You see I define heroes as someone who creates order and leadership in times of chaos and to me that defines YOU, as a Rocketeer! This has been the most amazing year ever from over 99 percent of attendance as an organization to hundreds of 5-star reviews praising your performances, thousands and thousands of dollars giving and bonuses throughout the year is a result of YOUR EFFORT and YOUR WORK! Looking forward, the feelings I have for 2021 are excitement, hope, and pride. When we ask you to join Rocket Station we ask of your only three things:

To do the right thing

Exceed expectations in your performance in everything that you do

And finally to have fun while you’re doing it.

You not only exceeded expectations but you did it with a smile on your face. On behalf of the entire executive team, Thank you for an amazing year!”

Now, first up, The Excellence Award for Attendance that is presented to us by our Process Developer Kazel Dela Cruz and our Training Developer Jata Valte. Together they explain that this award is given to the rocketeers with one or more years of tenure who were more than able to power-through 2020 with perfect attendance. The winners are as follows:


5 Ways to Better Motivate Yourself
There’s not a single person around that doesn’t go through slumps at work. It’s a naturally occurring event for the average worker that may result from stress, exhaustion, or other factors. However, that doesn’t mean we just step back and accept these episodes of lower productivity and overall happiness. These are the times when we need to step up even more to motivate ourselves.
How to Lead Towards Growth
While all individuals have their dreams and paths to take, there are a few common truths no matter the intended result. One of these is that leadership is important. It is many things. Leadership is a concept, an action, a goal, and of course; it is a requirement to achieve success whether you wish to be a business leader or a simple community volunteer.
Reaching Better Success By Finding The Right Values
Success, accomplishments, and consequent rewards are things every person and company strives for. However, it is easy to observe that not everyone manages to reach these goals. In the same way, not everyone who gets these goals are equally happy about the results. Why is this though? There are countless possible reasons, but a fundamental idea that is quickly forgotten and dismissed is having the correct values.


Kimmy Carla Carabeo

Maikelle Son Lalicon

Marjorie Keziah Domingo

Clint Aling

Maria Kathrina Ceballos

Nino Djerommel Buenviaje

Ma. Anita Duremdes

Feb Leonard Ladiet

Shella May Mapute

Aila Bell Guieb

Joy “Jay” Manimtim

John Koeyama Joshua Tan

Tammy Valdez 

Roel Publico

Kevin Nohmer Abriam

Eurica Flores

Clores, Steaven

Ma. Luz Banlasan

Ronaldo Nepomuceno

Susan Javier

Earl Secreto

Jennifer Maninantan

Precious Galano

April Perez

Anna Salvador

Rechilda Alpay

Leah Rose Gallo

Maria Charissa Ali

Marydel Palabras

Mary Carmel Balbaguio

Benson Almes

Minerva Santiago

Renee De Lima

Ariel Santos

Lovely Yango

Neal John Peteros

James Tolentino

Carmelita Roasa

Lovely Diane Fabela

Vanessa Ann Angluben

Kevin Chris Ateo-an

Jeremy Reyes

Ernesto “Third” Eleria

Mary Francis Curilan

The second category of the Excellence Award is the Client’s Choice Category, which was presented by our Junior Operations manager, Dominique Montecarlo, and our Quality Assurance Analyst, Dianina Por Calla. They state that the award recognizes TOP Rocketeers who received the most number of Client Testimonials throughout the year. The awardees:


Divine Grace Sanido

Precious Galano

Wencis Jude Acosta

Introducing the third Excellence Award for Outstanding Service are our Operations Manager Rhoda Baradi and Joannah Consencino. These Rocketeers were able to stay with their clients for a year or more. The winners:


Aila Bell Guieb

Vanessa Ann Angluben

Rechilda Iren Alpay

Susan Javier

Christine Capela

Aileen Reyes

Rocelyn Ugbos

Ronaldo Nepomuceno

Cheerie Las Peñas

Mark Joseph Nazar

Leah Rose Gallo

Maria Charissa Ali

Ma. Luz Banlasan

Jennifer Samio

Kimmy Carla Carabeo

Joyce Anne Maze Galiza

Camille Rjan Apostol

Maikelle Son Lalicon

Earl David Secreto

Princess Rubis

Moving onto The Service Award that recognizes our team members for his or her longevity or tenure with the organization. Trainers Maureen Mae Wabe and Daryl Castro start with the awardees of the 5-Year Service Awards:


Irsa Veronica Del Socorro

Rhoda Baradi

Our two lovely ladies, Recruitment specialist Dia Calubad and executive assistant Mary Ann Reantaso give thanks to those of service to our company as they presented the 4-year Service Awards. The winners:


Anthony Bryan Morales

Romil Hombrebueno

Crizette Hombrebueno

Harry Sadiwa

Maureen Mae Wabe

Kimberly Gomez

Daryl Castro

Sebastian Lozano

Mae Hope Lapore

With great pride, recruitment lead, Rizza Bianca Daquiuag, and Onboarding Lead Katrina Isabel Angulo presented the Service Awards to the winners of those with 3 years at Rocket Station:


Aila Bell Guieb

Jerome Santos

Ma. Romina Austria

Ma. Elena Barrios

Angeline Alesna

Tammy Valdez

Ernesto Eleria

Regie Manhelle Limos

Maria Charina Peralta

Bernadette Ignacio

Rizza Bianca Daquiuag

Leah Joy Raceles

Jericka Jay Amodo

Vanessa Ann Angluben

Camille Rjan Apostol

Christine Capela

Gino Carlo Laxamana

Zeus Villamin

Hester Bell Avila

Berma Joanne Garcia

Ma. Fatima Santos

Maikelle Son Lalicon

April Rose Perez

The winners of the Core Value Champions Award are given by our Head Of Operations Nina Katlyn Sta. Ana and our Head of Training and Delivery, Jerome Santos:

Kristina Mica Feria

Dendee Mendoza

Marydel Palabras

Andrea Bunao

Reynaldo Jun Chan

Andrea Bunao is a notable mention here due to a call Rob Nickell received from his partner client, Tzali Levin “Sal” stating how happy he is with Rocket Station and how “Andrea might be the best team member we have ever had in our company”.

Lastly, the Standout of the Night Award is presented by Jericka Jay Amodo, Head of process development, and Jun Michael Labo, Process Developer who are giving the award to FIVE of our stunning rocketeers with the best style who attended tonight’s event. These were the beautiful winners:

Maria Fatima Andrea Bunao

Crizette Hombrebueno

Jonnah Consencino

Dendee Mendoza

Nina Katlyn Sta. Ana

All of our Rocketeer winners, through each category, expressed how thankful they were and how genuinely happy they are to be part of this company as they held their trophies on screen.

The Rocket Station Awards 2020 signs off with this last message “Rocketeers 2020 may be ending but our fighting spirit lives on. Let us all welcome the following year with a good vision and a much more ignited passion for service. We thank you all for doing your best, for bringing your gracious professionalism at work, and most importantly for making this year amazing”.

About Rocket Station: Rocket Station hires and trains top virtual teams to help our clients launch an efficient, scalable & profitable business with an ultimate focus and goal to deliver a world-class customer experience.



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