Rocket Station Concludes Its First Virtual Race

Jul 15, 2021– Rocket Station finishes its first Virtual Race with a bang. The Virtual Race began last June 15, 2021, and was originally set to begin on April 1st, with registrations starting in March. However, the race was pushed back several times due to the tightening restrictions from the Covid – 19 pandemic. But as the surge slowly died down in the 1st quarter of 2021, finally, the race was off to an official start again, and despite the setbacks, the event was an astounding success, with both Rocketeers and non-Rocketeers participating worldwide.

The Rocket Station Virtual Race was part of Rocket Station’s initiative to keep people healthy and happy despite the lockdowns and other restrictions happening around the world. It was also a way to foster new relationships and to grow the community despite the challenges that everyone is currently facing. This falls in line with Rocket Station’s mission to enhance lives and shows that this is true not only for its employees but also for their friends and family.

Racers were asked to post their progress on social media for tracking and to inspire their fellow runners and bikers. The Virtual Race was divided into multiple categories and levels with different set targets to allow participants from multiple experiences and time zones to join. The distances people tracked were also cumulative to offer more flexibility to the racers. This particular setup allowed people of all ages to participate, with some families joining with their children.

The Virtual Fun Run category had a goal of 10 kilometers for those who join under the Starter level, 20 kilometers for the Intermediate level, and 50 kilometers for the Advance level.

The Virtual Duathlon category, which is a combination of both running and biking, had set goals of 5 kilometers on foot, followed by 20 kilometers by bike, and another 3-kilometer run for the Starter level. The Intermediate level pushes these numbers to a 10-kilometer run, a 40-kilometer bike ride, and a final 5-kilometer run.

Lastly, the Bike Only category had a target of 20 kilometers for those in the Starter level, 40 kilometers for those in the Intermediate level, and 60 kilometers for participants in the Advanced level.

Many photos were posted with captions showing excitement over their progress and drew encouragement from the community in the comments and reactions. Through this, we had discovered all the innovative ways the race’s participants used for their runs; such as using treadmills for people who were confined to their homes and utilizing rollerblades to achieve their target distance. Rocket Station’s Virtual Race also became a way for families and friends to bond together while also working to protect their physical wellbeing. 

Those who joined the race received free shirts to use on their runs. As a way to boost camaraderie and healthy goal setting, Rocket Station also rewarded the most active racers by recognizing them through social media. Racers of the Week were chosen such as experienced athlete Daniel Yamio, who at the ripe age of 63 is still a major competitor in other long-distance sporting events, Cherry Millena, also known as Pie Chan, a non- Rocketeer trail runner who was recognized for their progress and Nina Sta. Ana, an active racer and inspiring Rocket Station house-name and leader. These actions clearly left a good impression as a big number of racers gave Rocket Station thanks for the management of the event and left with happier hearts and healthier mindsets.

This is the first time Rocket Station has hosted a virtual race and it led to great success in pursuing its vision and mission to further change lives for the better. These times of uncertainty are when we at Rocket Station believe it is our responsibility to work harder.

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Cheryl Sta Ana Bonifacio-min
Hari Sadawi-min
Nina Sta Ana-min
Jet Samar-min
Nina Sta Ana 2-min
Rozano Fajardo Yu-min
Pie Chan 3-min
Daniel Speed Yamio 6-min
Cheryl Sta Ana Bonifacio-min Hari Sadawi-min Nina Sta Ana-min Jet Samar-min Nina Sta Ana 2-min Rozano Fajardo Yu-min Pie Chan 3-min Daniel Speed Yamio 6-min



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