Rocketeers receive recognition for outstanding work

December 18, 2021 – Rocket Station hosted its annual celebration of standout Rocketeers, the Rocket Station Awards 2021. The honorable awardees are individuals who have allowed the organization to flourish and grow despite facing numerous challenges due to the pandemic. The event highlights their hard work and excellence as an inspiration to future generations of Rocketeers.

The awarding ceremony was started off by Rocket Station’s COO, Marc Nickell. He delivered a powerful message of gratitude, inspiration, and hope. Marc discussed the challenges of the year, particularly the great trials and tribulations that came with the pandemic. It was a very difficult period for everyone. However, through toughness, grit, and living with the Rocket Station values, the organization still grew to almost twice its size from the beginning of the year. Marc further emphasized that this was all done from a distance, without having the opportunity to meet and work face to face. 2021 truly is an inspiring story of Rocketeers supporting each other to grow to the best version of themselves.

Rocket Station’s Director of Philippine Operations, Romil Hombrebueno followed this up by giving a recap of the amazing accomplishments achieved in 2021. This included successfully launching new events that provided team members with an avenue to have fun while releasing stress. Included in these events are the Rocket Station Virtual Race and the Rocket Station Virtual Olympics that allowed participants from all over the country to exercise and build a sense of community. Also launched this year was Rocketeer Hopeline, an initiative to give support for mental wellness within the organization, and Our Proud Space, Rocket Station’s push for a better workplace for the LGBTQ+ community. This year was also big on letting Rocketeers show their creative side through events such as Wicked Workspace, and the long-awaited Rocketeers Got Talent Season 2.

However, the biggest achievement mentioned by Romil is undoubtedly Rocket Station’s Great Place to Work® certification. He highlights the many obstacles that were present in getting the certification. Romil thanked Rocketeers and emphasized how it was a team effort that made this possible. The Great Place to Work® certification is evidence of the amazing work culture built over the years by each and every member of the organization.

The night then proceeded to the awarding ceremony starting with the Years of Service Award presented by Business Development Lead, Michi Fujiwara. The Years of Service Award recognizes the loyalty and dedication of people who have been with Rocket Station for over 3 years. Their commitment to the organization is the backbone of the great strides of success Rocket Station has achieved throughout the years.

Here are the Awardees:


Rocket Station’s Department Managers go on a memorable Team Building at Tree Farm, Liliw, Laguna
As Rocket Station rapidly grows, our Managers’ responsibilities are also growing. Leading to the calling of a team-building event for our Department Managers. Last August 26-28, 2022, our Department Managers went to Tree Farm, Liliw Laguna, not just to unwind but also to reconnect and inspire each other.

The Years Of Service Awards

The Years of Service Awards are given to Rocketeers who have shown their loyalty to the organization both through work ethic, and their length of service.

Rhoda Baradi

Irsa Veronica Del Socorro

Daryl Castro

Harry Sadiwa

Maureen Mae Wabe

Crizette Hombrebueno

Romil Hombrebueno

Anthony Bryan Morales

Mae Hope Lapore

Sebastian Lozano Jr

Kimberly Gomez

Ma. Fatima Santos

Hester Bell Avila

Gino Carlo Laxamana

Jericka Jay Amodo

Rizza Bianca Daquiuag

Bernadette Ignacio

Angeline Alesna

Ernesto Eleria III

Regie Manhelle Limos

Ma. Romina Austria

Ma. Elena Barrios

Jerome Santos

Maria Teresa Miole

Katrina Grace Lorenzo

Doyle Marzan

Maikelle Son Lalicon

Berma Joanne Garcia

April Rose Perez

Zeus Villamin

Camille Rjan Apostol

Christine Capela

Vanessa Ann Angluben

Leah Joy Raceles

Nino Djerommel Buenviaje

Maria Charina Peralta

Ann Carmel Magpayo

Karlo Francisco Reyes

Princess Rubis

Ron Kirbie Soluta

Hermillete Gruet

Roda Celebrado

Fidel Lopez Jr

John Destacamento

Carmelita Roasa

Lanni Ellinor Eseo

Rozano Yu

Mark Joseph Nazar

Leah Rose Gallo

Rechilda Iren Alpay

Susan Javier

Cheerie Las Peñas – Tessens

Ria Raymundo

Roel Publico

Aileen Reyes

Rocelyn Ugbos

Katherine Chavez

Kimmy Carla Carabeo

Ma. Dianne Criselda Anzures

Maria Charissa Ali

Ronaldo Nepomuceno

Kevin Nohmer Abriam

Ma. Luz Banlasan

Camille Villena

Maggie Salvador

Joyce Anne Maze Galiza

Mary Grace Suycano

Racquel Silva

Earl David Secreto

Reslyn Usares

Next was the announcement of the Client Choice Award winners by Recruitment Coordinator, Michael Balacy. The Client Choice Award is given to Rocketeers who have acquired the most positive client testimonials for 2021. It is a reflection of not only their hard work but the attention to detail and the excellence that they display in their actions. These traits have led their clients to give praises for their work ethic and results. Congratulatory videos from the awardees’ Operations Managers were also shown at the event.

The following people are the recipients of the Client Choice Award:

The Client Choice Awards

The Client Choice Awards will be given to Rocketeers who have demonstrated excellent service resulting in multiple client testimonials.

Robin Rey Pangan (Nathan Beach – Scott Abernathy, PMI Professionals)

Cherry Anne Perez (Malaika Angel Tyler)

Kimmy Carla Carabeo (Renters Warehouse)

Zamariah Torres (Renters Warehouse)

Rosabella Rosales (Alex Craig)

Karen Severino (Nick Fullmer)

Wibberly Reano (Home Partners)

Camille Ibanez (Home Partners)

Melanie Acapulco (Home Partners)

Amapura “Maru” Balana (Jesse Sexton – Avalon)

Kathrina Ramos (Melanie Sparrow)

Julian Ocampo (Iris Capshaw)

Sherie Mae De Guzman (Pat Flynn)

Genebabe Gicalde (Don Costa)

Marydel Palabras (Renters Warehouse)

Nikolai “Nick” Valencia (Joey Gilkey)

Ronaldo Nepomuceno (Renters Warehouse)

Rechilda Alpay (Renters Warehouse)

The Rocket Station Awards then moved to the highly anticipated crowning of winners for the second season of Rocketeers Got Talent. Carla Cabrera started this segment by hyping the crowd up and reminding them of the heated contest that just concluded its voting phase. Winners won 25,000, 20,000, 15,000, 10,000, and 5,000 pesos.

The Top 5 spots were filled by:

Kathrina Ramos – 5th Place

Frances Ellaine Caeg – 4th Place

Mark Anthony Bayhon – 3rd Place

Mc Jed Domingo – 2nd Place

Arne Osabel – 1st Place

The final awardees to be announced were the winners of the Outstanding Service Award presented by Operations Manager, Randell Eseo. This award is to celebrate Rocketeers who have been with their clients for over a year. It shows the great service and the acknowledgment of their impact on the businesses and people they’re assigned to. Their great performance has gained the trust, loyalty, and utmost respect of the industry and they are thus a shining beacon of the organization’s core values.

Receiving the Outstanding Service Award are these highly valued Rocketeers:

The Outstanding Service Awards

The Outstanding Service Awards will be presented to Rocketeers whose performance has let them partner with the same client for over a year.

Vanessa Ann Angluben

Rechilda Iren Alpay

Susan Javier

Aileen Reyes

Rocelyn Ugbos

Ronaldo Nepomuceno

Leah Rose Gallo

Ma. Luz Banlasan

Maria Charissa Ali

Mark Joseph Nazar

Joyce Anne Maze Galiza

Kimmy Carla Carabeo

Camille Rjan Apostol

Maikelle Son Lalicon

Earl David Secreto

Roel Publico

Mirabelle Angelique Federis

Zeus Villamin

Leah Joy Raceles

April Rose Perez

John Destacamento

Jelou Quillano

Jimmy Ebilane

Armie Dy

Alessandra Reyes

Armi Decena

Dina Ferrer

Eurica Genesis Flores

Alvin Jayson Tablac

Benson Almes

Marydel Palabras

Renee De Lima

Marvelou Grace Rivera

Reslyn Usares

Arcely Wayan

Maria Babylyn Guevara

Christine Claire Odiza

Mary Abigail Moren

Feb Leonard Ladiet

Ma. Anita Aliviado

Pearl Garland Mendia

Ma. Dianne Criselda Anzures

Allan Edgar Macam

Myles Lim

Maria Kathrina Ceballos

Minnie Lourdes Zosa

Jeremy Reyes

Kristel Chiong

Marlon Sagampod

Marjorie Keziah Domingo

Sweet Kristine Lisondra

Ned Gener Gonzalo

Shella May Mapute

Gracielle Regua

Maricel Dapac

Abigail Delfin

Jemimah Ruth Valenzuela

Mayenne de Leon

Nino Djerommel Buenviaje

Dendee Mendoza

Katherine Chavez

Daisy Joy Escalante

Rouselle Silos

Steaven Clores

Joseph Albert Nunez

Maria Luz Sarmiento

Wayne Ryan Rutty

Renz Marion Lagones

Catherine Jose

Nicholle Anne Vierneza

Cherry Lyn Medina

Abigail Herrero

Micaela Husin

Ghiezel Baniqued

Ralph Jan Christian De Guzman

Rhea Pesado

Maybelline Oliva

Maggie Salvador

Jezver Alejandro

Noemi David

James Luberas

Joi Mendoza

Lexie Van Abella

Mary Angeli Cuevas

Tristan Jude Llana

Ann Bernadette Santos

Carmelita Roasa

Clint Robin Aling

Marifi Quillopa

Marion Cortes

Amapura Balana

Risthe Relampagos

Rea Carla Teofilo

Nadine Kristine Presas

Wencis Jude Acosta

Thea Iris Miro Alincastre

Rachelle Marie Navotas

Karmina Lyne Tan

Madonna Peñalosa

Jonathan Limpin

Ralph Aries Urbano

Maureen Soriano

Sebastian Lozano Jr

Angie Dionisio

Joey Palmares

Stephen Ancheta

Relia Carla Santos

Judd Deyniel Frando

Ria Raymundo

Ronan Villena

Daniele Joseph Fernandez

Nadia Fortich

Crismyr Casimero

Peter Laurenz Espineda

Rujel Lawrence Umbao

Gracielle Regua

Kurt Xavier Verganio

Ma. Ednarie Joy Garay

Jan Marie Ann Buenaobra

Leiron Donesa

Lovely Diane Fabela

Jeff Denmark Reynaldo

Elliane Marie Fabuna

Astrud Beatrix Layco

Catherine Gantong

Frenzy Aldeguer

Jandee Lumayno

Jeddahlynne Comia

Aileen Ignacio

Redny Dechilla

Mariflor Gonzales

Jhanniene Ericka Santos

Maria Ilaya Abante

Joreen Marie Mataya

Maybelle Casarino

Gheraldine Jewel Taping

Riza Joy Orias

Karina Durian

Roxanne Regalario

Monserat Teresita San Diego

Ysabel Rae Tabbal

Julie Kate Ybañez

Jurena Bogsit

Angelica Arellano

Russell Christian Mantua

Neil Patrick Isidro

Alfredo Panim Jr

Christopher John Macatangay

Jose Dominic Yadao

Francoise Rey Tercero

Jose Cedric Cruz III

Maria Danica Macam

Sashien Mae Montilla

Jan Robert Gregorio

James Alzate

Karl Marvin Consencino

Lucky Febie Albelda

Wibberly Reaño

Ramon Edquilang Jr

Angelo Amaranto

Janssen Perez

Jenney Cortez

Deryl Salvallon

Kim Discaya

Leah Luisa Laderas

Patrick Janseen Trio

John Eric Bermundo

Farida Kezia Alcoriza

Leycel Talamor

Renz Marion Gaviola

Dennis Anne Uchino

Arsenio Marbella

Nhardz Marie Yparraguirre

Kathrina Ramos

Arlene Wendel Mergenio

Allan De Andres

Efren Rio Jr

Kimberly Dalida

Laurene Alvarez

Marc Jian Abadines

Mary Ann Francis Francisco

Mikko Dela Cerna

Lorena Tanggol

Mark Lawrence Umipig

Ericson Solidum

Princess Armodina

Carl Geoffrey Dayrit

Reymart Apdon

Zamariah Torres

Myka Dela Rosa

Mary Joy Macalintal

Fritz Vergel Escramosa

Joerge Ian Borbe

Antonio Bautista Estonactor

Genesis Castillo

Marie Ashliegh Signey

Sindy Delos Santos

Gerald Collantes

Arlene Rosales

Jessa Leah Sajonas

Ashley Kenner Cubacub

Emmanuel Palis Jr

Jeremiah Joshua Arevalo

Melanie Acapulco

Thea Cortez

Edsel John Ocampo

Cherry Anne Perez

Simeon Eleria IV

Roullette Romarate

Karen Severino

Tanya Marie Cielo Badayos

Gianina Carolyne Go

Ma. Kristina Diorella Poculan

Angelo Gary Oller

Liezel Marquita

Sarah Crisolo

Rikka Marie Santiago

Akeela Marie Rita Bulabon

Rosabella Rosales

Cristina Mae Urbano

Marites Dumalagan

Luiza Claire Maylon

Maria Christina Galvez

Magnolia Guevarra

Shiela Cruz

Ma Kristina Sophia Evangelista

Miguel Eduardo Henry

Candy Pearl Buma-at

Irene Joyce Javelosa

Luzviminda Miguel

Camille Ibanez

Doreen Ledesma

Evangelina Bumanglag

Ferdawzya Kristel Flores

Glenn Mark Humiding

John Joseph Lopez

Liahona Luz Magno

Mario Cabudol II

Nica Grace Texeira

Maricris Solmiano

Sarah Mae Payla

Ish Marcos

Richell Comabig

Marjorie Anne Santos

Marian Kristine Ybañez

Julia Roselyn Samera

Rachel Mondano

Dina Ferrer

Lilane Reyes

Roselle Daoana

Before the night was over, the results of the Rocket Station Cares initiative was also showcased. Ten schools from all over the Philippines received 10,000 pesos worth of assistance from Rocket Station. This is part of a continuous effort to pursue the organization’s goal of enhancing the lives of other people, whoever and wherever they may be.

The Rocket Station Awards 2021 was then closed by none other than Rocket Station’s own CEO, Rob Nickell. Rob gave a powerful speech to end the evening. He thanked not just the awardees, but every Rocketeer that made the success of 2021 possible. Rob emphasized the gravity of the pandemic, and that not a single sacrifice is taken for granted. He expressed his appreciation and awe at the results that have come from the work of everyone in the team. The quality of the community and its values also received praise from Rocket Station’s young CEO. Every Rocketeer is on a journey to empower other people, may it be family, a team member, or another part of the greater community they’re in.  Rob ended by expressing his excitement for the things Rocketeers will accomplish in the coming years, and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

The Rocket Station Awards 2021 truly puts an exclamation mark on a year filled with success. The stories and messages shared throughout the evening are things to look back on as Rocket Station takes another step towards a brighter tomorrow.

About Rocket Station: Rocket Station is a core-value-focused company that hires and trains expert teams to enhance the lives of others through better business.



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