Company Core Values

How Important Company Core Values are?

June 2022 – Core values are principles that define culture. Any successful organization nowadays begins with strong and cohesive core company values. These are vital in helping maintain employees’ alignment to the company’s goals and vision. Core values are traits or qualities that are just as important as a human’s circulation system. These are not just worthwhile, they represent an individual’s or organization’s driving forces, vision, beliefs and priorities. These are sometimes referred to as the heart of an organization and it summarizes the intention and the entirety of its people. Rocket Station, for example, is an organization that believes in the values of prioritizing its people, because that is what defines the company. It is what the company stands and strives for. This is also the reason why Rocket Station is a Certified Great Place to Work. Some of its core values consist of Doing the Right Thing, Exceeding Expectations, and Having Fun.

For some organizations, core values serve as the foundation which was built from collective behavior of its people. Shared values are powerful reminders that no one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others. In this way, core values promote connection, trust and camaraderie in which transform a business to success.

Here are 4 other reasons why core values are important and why these reasons matters:

Authenticity. Core values help differentiate a company from anyone else in the industry; they determine distinctiveness. It creates an honest understanding of how the company operates and how the company treats its people. Authenticity is being viewed as “being real” to the purpose and the direction where the organization is heading. It is important to create core values that transpire from the collective and authentic interests of people from the Organization. Authenticity goes hand-in-hand with trust, and can only be achieved through open and honest Core values. They should represent self-awareness, transparency, and fair-mindedness.

Identity. Core values serve as the definition that summarizes who and what the Organization is, they demonstrate what sets an organization apart. Core values become the identity that defines an organization and its people. It gives employees or the people a sense of purpose, a vision that would shape everyone’s performances. Core values help create identity and identity creates pride.

Unity. Core values influence behavior, it dictates personal involvement and alignment. It communicates the importance of goals and intentions which would be seen by the people inside and outside of the Organization. May it be the customers, clients, or employees. If an organization is operating under the same standard and values, the people of the organization would begin striving for a common mission and common goal. It will create unity. Giving importance to core values brings effective collaboration and teamwork because it forces people to hold up to the values like a mirror. Any organization needs to attract customers and employees, but how could that happen if the people of the organizations are not unified?

Consistency. Core values promote consistency. Any clear core values become the standard that molds an organization and its people. If the bar of values are not clear, true, transparent, and followed, then it would create inconsistency in actions, productivity, and results. Core values let people know what they have to follow in order to achieve a common goal, it creates consistency with people’s actions and intentions. 

Company core values aren’t just a set of words, but these are the standards and guide that helps an organization operate. It is important to achieve a common understanding of how important core values are, because it is an inevitable way of keeping the morale of the people and leading the organization to success.

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