Ayurveda and Yoga: The Tag Team in Workplace Well-being

Consider how people have invested so much in self-care nowadays. We have facemasks, trip to the spas, massage chairs, delicious desserts, and luxurious baths, we seldomly remember that self-care is just as much for the mind and soul as it is for the body. While the advantages of getting into self-care habits proves to improve well-being and lower morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs, some studies have mentioned that the research efforts and modalities on self-care practices need to be further analyzed and assessed.

What is workplace well-being even?

The broader sense of well-being of an individual can be attributed to short term emotional state, level of health and happiness and long-term satisfaction in life. Couple well-being with the workplace and we get a highly delineated view of how crucial it is to mix well-being with where you work. Well-being at work is defined as an experience, which is influenced by factors, such as the internal culture and organizational ways of functioning, and by personal internal resources. Spending so much of our time at work and spending resources to become more productive at work makes the importance of well-being in the workplace a crucial ingredient to a productive and successful organization. Workplace health and well-being remain such a staunch issue internationally that a study stated that among the five domains encompassing overall well-being, career well-being is regarded as the most important for most people. 

Enter Yoga and Ayurveda. Yoga being a discipline of mind, body and spirit and Ayurveda a holistic medical practice using diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. They are two ancient traditions originating from India that emphasize multidimensional and holistic well-being of all. 

How does Yoga and Ayurveda aid in our health?

A study explains the amazing benefits of yoga and Ayurveda stating that the yogic view of health and disease highlights that the root cause of physical ailments and disorders arises out of the mind. While Ayurveda meaning “life knowledge” in Sanskrit lays down the path of living that is directed by the three pursuits: praneshana (desire to lead a long healthy life), dhaneshana (desire to savor financial and material security), and paralokeshana (desire to attain happiness in the life hereafter). According to Ayurveda, health is a state of complete, balanced, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Both Yoga and Ayurveda emphasize on following a healthy lifestyle encompassing all spheres of life (physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. They place great importance on healthy activities such as exercises and Yoga practices, right thoughts, attitudes, and behavior to create and maintain good relationships. They also focus on healthy nourishing, and balanced and right recreational activities such as regulating action-speech-thoughts to maintain peace of mind and group activities to experience cohesion and collectivism where one loses one’s sense of individuality. The elements of a great workplace and a good team member can be seen in the elements Ayurveda and Yoga helps us practice.

How can we practice Yoga and Ayurveda at the Workplace?

There are plenty of ways to practice Yoga and Ayurveda. Uniquely, the situation that calls for workplace practice is unfamiliar with some. Here are some ways you can bring this tag-team into your work for a more balanced experience:


Allot at least 10-15 minutes a day, whether it be during your lunch break or when you wake up first thing in the morning to meditate. Studies show that people who meditate are 10% happier than the average person.

Breathing Exercises

According to ayurvedic practices, deep breathing massages the internal organs, aids in releasing carbon dioxide, and increases oxygen to the brain. This will aid also in stress relief, and concentration for tasks in the workplace.

Pack on Heavy Lunch

Ayurveda focuses on eating a balanced diet with a mix of tastes. Practitioners recommend a heavy lunch and a light breakfast with fruits or oatmeal to kick start your day.

Target 7-9 hours of Sleep (take naps if you can’t!)

Make your environment conducive to sleep to aid in better body recovery, tissue repair, improved homeostasis, and brain restoration. You can do this by sleeping a set 7-9 hours and catching up with whatever lack of sleep you have by taking naps at work during breaktime. 

Avoid stress eating and eat balanced meals.

When there is an imbalance of the emotions and the mind, we are bound to make faulty decisions that will result to unhealthy eating habits. This is not helpful for practicing a balanced lifestyle. The goal is to nourish and balance so wait until you feel more centered before you decide to eat. 

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