6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Season while Flying Solo

Ah, to be single or simply on your own during Valentines can be woeful for some, for others, it is a day to celebrate singlehood and catch up with all those romcoms airing during the month of hearts. We believe that there is no such thing as love without self-love. No matter your relationship status, or if you are simply alone this season due to the pandemic, we have interesting activities you can use to develop you and your relationships. 

For ladies, have Virtual Galentines Movie Nights

Kick off the month of hearts scheduling movie nights with your girls while at home. You can have Watch Together events on Netflix and different online platforms. The ladies you celebrate Galentines movie nights with do not have to be single, they can be ladies in an LDR relationship or other women who just want to catch up with old friends. I suggest whipping up some wine and bubbly while you’re at it to keep the spirit of Galentines alive!

Plan a Workout Regimen

Alone on Valentines? No problem! Keep the month of hearts filled with endorphins to boost positivity the entire season. Have a work-out schedule that works for you and do this with an activity that you like. Is it full-body Pilates? Do you like indoor cycling? Or maybe some hardcore home work-outs to buff up your physique? The possibilities are endless. Researchers state that there are plenty of hormones the brain releases when it comes to love, and endorphins is one of them! Endorphins are the “happy hormones” responsible for lifting one’s mood and eliminating stress. Get those dumb bells, booty bands and sneakers ready!

Journal or do Crafts with Interesting Prompts 

Invest in your alone time by writing down your thoughts on paper with interesting journal prompts or by boosting your creativity by crafting something new. Studies show that journaling about what you are grateful for and keeping a diary about your day can help release anxieties and lessen stress. Creativity also boosts the mind’s ability to remain focused at a certain task at hand, it also aids you in developing your perspective of design and beauty. For the season of hearts, remember that you are safe in the pages of your journals and sketchbooks. 

Plan Game Night

Game night can be enjoyed alone, or with the company of friends. For people who love to play console games, flying solo with pizza and a drink of choice would be the perfect way to cap off Valentines. For others, a little co-op wouldn’t hurt. If you aren’t a gamer yourself, trusty, old-fashioned card games usually do the trick. Have a Zoom call with your friends and have an online poker game. If you’re not feeling too competitive, some ice breaker card decks can be utilized to build rapport with your friends. 

Virtual Cook Off or Bake Off

Valentines is about all the sweetness love can bring; so why not share that in baking your own sweets and sending it over as a blind taste test among friends? Best cookie/chocolate truffle/cake wins! This can also be applied to cooking dishes. Have everyone cook their best dish that reminds them of romance and send it over to friends. The winner will be decided by blind taste test! 

Send Love Letters to Loved Ones 

While all the above-mentioned activities may seem fun, nothing can replace the old-fashioned way of expressing love and affection other than letters written in long-hand to loved ones. When you write to people and tell them how much you love them, how much you appreciate them, and how grateful you are for them, research says your relationship with this person improves. It improves regardless of who gives or receives the gesture. It’s a win-win, mutually beneficial endeavor. Pick up that pen and start writing away if you want to improve or build a relationship with someone. 

This February, Rocket Station places emphasis on the relationships that build us. Be it with our significant others, our families, our work mates, or ourselves; we pay tribute to the connections that make us who we are. For more interesting tidbits and articles, feel free to sign up in our newsletter.  


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