5 ways to bond with your remote team

Who knew that years into the future we would face a life-threatening pandemic? Suddenly, everything we know changed drastically, and yes; this includes the way we work too. The threat of the COVID-19 virus has almost every company investing in a work from home set-up. While many have spear -headed the movement by applying virtual workspaces, developing remote work tasks, and setting up online meeting protocols; it still does not change the fact that bonding with team members has taken a distant turn.

A study released in 2007 states that while working from home can increase a sense of autonomy and boost overall work performance, its main challenge is bringing the team closer to work on overall tasks together. The detachment ram real life work culture can cause individuals to feel excluded, feel like there is favoritism, or in extreme cases, that their colleagues are conspiring to work against their intended goal. Developing this can cause festering of negative emotions and loss of teamwork, the presence of which is crucial in meeting deadlines and in achieving overall project success.

To prevent this from happening, Rocket Station believes it is important to develop regular team building activities. Monthly team building efforts are necessary in establishing a positive team culture. The importance in building a cohesively integrated network in the team is vital for overall team satisfaction. It aids in alleviating the negative interpersonal effects and intends to fully develop relationships that are profound and meaningful.

So how do we keep things lively and unique while building substantial relationships within the team on a monthly basis? Team managers are more likely to scratch their heads thinking of ways to keep the team engaged versus getting them together. In the age of the internet and hyperstimulation, the online environment becomes exceedingly difficult to work up for over -worked adults. Luckily for you, we have listed the five more exciting activities you can use to amplify your religious team bonding in a way that is not just motivating but also meaningful.


Provide an environment to share similar interests.

Creating a channel separate from work, where team members can just share what they are reading, watching, or debating about can make people feel a sense of oneness. Focusing on where we are similar versus where we are different makes people believe that they are in an environment where they can freely share what they like. Some companies have introduced Slack as one of their main platforms in establishing remote work culture. Other companies turn to Facebook and other social media platforms to develop this necessary area of team bonding.


Have the team discuss a shared topic.

An interesting activity would be asking team members to watch a movie, start reading a book, an article, watch a documentary or a TED talk and have them discuss freely during team building meetings what they think. This establishes closeness by hearing what other people have to say outside of issues involving work.


Prepare Ice Breaker Questions and use Question Card Decks.

You can also generate a question for the day that entices thought provoking answers or just a simple icebreaker question such as: “Are you a coffee or tea kind of person? If neither, why not?”. This provides an opportunity for people who want to connect but do not know how to connect, start conversations. We encourage the use of question decks that stimulate conversations. These decks are more often created to start conversations and develop relationships. Once the team members get into the flow of the card game, the rest of the conversations are up to them. Being able to share and gather knowledge about teammates not only humanizes them it also helps us see where we all are alike.


Do online co-op games of any nature.

Try working as a team in achieving an intended goal in online games. Someteams can choose to play in sports games or a team bingo game where prizes can be split among the winning group. This builds the value of trust and reliance in your team without placing the element of work. How can we best apply this? Set a “play time”, whether during break time or during team building activities and make sure to have everyone’s investment in the game. When the game is done don’t stop there! Discuss this in team chatting channels and plot your next big goal.


Have a shared meal online.

Ah, this can be one of the most accessible and easiest things you can do to bolster a psychological sense of oneness. Remotely, this is doable by ordering the same take-out meal the team will agree upon and have everyone eat this during the set team building. Studies have shown that having people eat the same meal can make this group feel closer. It is mainly subconscious and psychological. Shankar Vedantam, a social scientist, chimes in during a podcast, and says that the more people eat the same kind of food the more it increases agreeability of the relationship. Food can shape trust and cooperation, especially if you eat the same kind of dish. The commonality in all these strategies is seeking human connection and the similarities we all share. While working from home may pose as a beneficial set-up today, it does not discount the challenges. This February, Rocket Station sees the value in every relationship that is built. We seek to be part of a community that seeks to capitalize on human connection and the enhancement of lives. The online community platform is an amazing tool where like minded people can break bread together, talk about things that matter and engage in meaningful conversations.


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